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Basics Outdoor Camping Tent

The Basics outdoor camping tent is a great choice for the occasional camper. If you’re looking for a decent entry level tent for car camping that doesn’t cost what REI charges, this is a decent option. It’s a good product. It goes up easily, is relatively roomy and offers good value for the money.

Brand Basics
ColorOrange And Grey
Closure TypeZipper
Occupancy4 Person
Fabric TypePolyester
Item Weight8.6 Pounds
Maximum Height48 Inches
Seasons3 Season
Basics outdoor camping tent

Positive facts:

This tent has an absolutely huge amount of space for the money. Putting it up was so easy and took about 15 minutes. . It’s a good tent. Big enough for 4 people easily on cots leaving enough room for gear and shoes. (Always divide listed tent capacity by 2 for comfort- 8 person = 4 people spread out.) It is spacious, so 4 person can easily live here and they won’t even feel uncomfortable. Doesn’t have a footprint but a large blue tarp does the trick nicely.

This tent has excellent ventilation system. Even with the fly on, when all the window are open there is good air flow through the tent. The color of the fly provides a very warm and comforting glow inside the tent. Privacy without the fly. Even with the fly not attached, the sides of the tent provide privacy while giving you a view of the stars. The hollow ends of the poles fit into mating pins at the tent base making it very easy to spring up. All the seams have double stitching to add to the strength and the fly has waterproofing tape on each seam to prevent drips. The door has additional rain guards around the zippers where water may fall from the fly. There is an access pocket with velcro closure to bring in outside cords for power etc.

The problematic sides of the tent:

The instructions are adequate but some of the diagrams that really help to understand are so small one needs a magnifying glass to view them. The cord ends have a plastic device with holes that the metal stakes are supposed to fit through however all three holes of the plastic device have cord inserted so the cord needs to be removed and the cord retied to free up the hole.

basics outdoor camping tent Pros:

  • Quality of the material is good,
  • Easy to carry (the carry bag provided is superb in quality),
  • Easy to install
  • Good for summer camping.
  • 4 poles but with some practice it only takes one person to set up.
  • Decent materials for under $150.
  • Good ventilation with the amount of mesh.
  • Packs up nicely, and the 8 person is a large wide footprint.
  • Bathtub floor means tarp material come up about 4 inches to increase waterproofing.
  • Can freely accommodate 4 persons and up to 5 persons also.

basics outdoor camping tent Cons:

  • Decent materials but not high quality as found on name brands.
  • It’s low for you and if you’re tall, consider how fun it is to change clothes while crouching.
  • Only one door, and the zipper gets caught in the flap every time.
  • Not good in heavy snowfall or rainy seasons. The rainfly provided is not 100 percent water proof. Water is coming from the rainfly but it’s flowing downwards. Don’t worry not coming inside of the tent.

Conclusion: A great tent for occasional use especially if used with a tent floor saver. The Basics tent is a great value. While lacking some of the features of a much more expensive tent the Basics tent is a great choice for the occasional camper.

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